Happydots is a new Polish brand of children’s accessories, created with love to children, beautiful things and childhood memories.

We are lucky to had known each other for years and understand almost without words. The idea of „Happydots” grew on the ground of our common memories.


Our childhood was full of carefree escapades in search of mysterious places and beautiful things. Some of the favourite memories include those of the art atelier at the Warsaw district of Prague, forgotten, unfrequented corners of the forest, dust on the field road, cherries in the summer and cherry-seed spitting contests, smell of apples and fog, depiction of a cow on the old dairy building, falling stars, bike trips, sailing, broken knees and broken hearts, freckles on our faces and wind in our hair.


In our work we draw from these magic memories. For us sleeping is not only about starched bed sheets and neat pillows. It starts with choosing the favourite pyjamas, brushing teeth of Mr. Teddy bear, and scaring off bad dreams; it finishes in the morning with crumbs of secretly eaten cookie under the bed cover.

Happydots is a collection of linen and sleeping accessories for small and big kids. We work with local suppliers and use environmentally friendly materials only.


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tel. +48 602 413 605